zondag, oktober 21, 2018
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Asian Aethiopians

I would like to suggest something about Nimrod/Enmerkar. I think Rohl is right in his conclusion about his journey to Egypt. But can't he be identical with Narmer? A "big hunter" would treat his enemies like Narmer on his famous palette. Chronologically there would be no problem, I suppose.
The second suggestion concerns the Oriental Kush and Ethiopian Kush. I remember that there are Greek authors who write about African Aethiopians and Aethiopians in Eastern Asia.
I only have the Asian Aethiopians in Herodotus III 93.
But  I found another interesting notice.
C.G. Heyne, Homeri carmina cum brevi annotiatione, IV, Lipsiae-Londini 1802, p.117, writes about Iliad I 425:

Sunt aliae disputationes doctorum virorum, in his Georgii Costardi, ad astronomicas rationes haec reuocantis; censuit enim esse Aethiopes Cuschaeos, hoc est Babylonios ad sinum Persicum habitantes, et respici Sacaea, festum, quod post solstitium aestiuum agebatur; iisdem diebus luem Achiuos afflixisse. Aliena haec esse a geographicis Homericorum temporum notitiis facile patet.

I don't know Georgius Costard(i)us, but he must have found a place where Cuschaei are said to be Babylonians living on the Persian Gulf. All of this was known except the name Cuschaei (Kush!) in an Asian context. The name of the festival Sacaea has also Asian connotations.