Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Welcome to the site of Dr. A. Dirkzwager

On this website you can find scientific and popular-scientific articles on various fields.
There are also books for sale.

The author studied the Classics in the Free University of Amsterdam.
His doctoral thesis was 'Strabo über Gallia Narbonensis', printed by Brill, Leiden 1975.

He worked as a teacher in the Netherlands and in Flanders. Afterwards he became an inspector of education in Flanders.
He also teached exegesis of the New Testament en hermeneutics at the Evangelical Theological  Faculty of Heverlee, Belgium.

On this site you can find some articles that had appeared in periodicals. The author wishes to thank the editors of following periodicals for allowing the reproduction:
- Mnemosyne
- L'Antiquité Classique
- Rheinisches Museum für Philologie
- Hermeneus
- Bijbel en Wetenschap
- Kleio (Leuven)
- Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis